Academic Advising

ARCOM administration endorses an open-door policy and encourages students to meet regularly with faculty and administration. While walk-in consultations and conferences are possible during office hours, each faculty member may schedule student appointments established by administrative policy and the respective faculty member. Faculty will be available by office hours as stated in the syllabus, email, and/or appointment.

During orientation, students are assigned to specific Academies which serve as advising groups. Each Academy will be comprised of approximately 16 students, one biomedical faculty member, one clinical faculty member, and one staff member/administrator. Academies will have planned activities.

Each student will be assigned a Faculty Advisor, who will monitor the student’s academic achievement, provide guidance and assistance in meeting academic requirements, serve as a mentor to the advisee, and inform appropriate individuals/departments of student concerns.

Students who are academically at risk will be referred to the Office of Student Affairs for an individualized program of study which may consist of tutoring, individual meetings with professors, and attending specialized study groups or sessions.