Faculty & Staff


Dean of ARCOM

photo of Ray Stowers

Ray Stowers, DO
Chairman of External/Alumni Relations

photo of Danielle Wilks

Danielle Wilks, RRT
Executive Assistant to the Dean

Department of Academic Affairs


photo of Melissa Efurd

Melissa Efurd, EdD
Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs & Institutional Research

photo of Rebecca Ameis

Rebecca Ameis
Administrative Assistant

photo of Rebecca Ameis

Ashley Gerhardson, PhD
Director of Data Analytics & Institutional Research for ACHE

photo of Melissa Efurd

Lori Jones
Accreditation & Institutional Analytics Specialist

photo of Melissa Efurd

Carmelita Robertson
Student Wellness Counselor

photo of Melissa Efurd

Kelly Vongnarath
Academic Success Counselor

Department of Clinical Medicine


photo of Joanne Chandler

JoAnn Chandler
Director of CME

photo of Shannda Cater

Shannda Cater
Clinical Rotations Coordinator

photo of Kimi Hayden

Kimi Lee Hayden
Clinical Rotations Coordinator

photo of Robert Sanders

Robert Sanders, DO
Director of OPP Integration
Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine


Department of Family Medicine

photo of Gary Edwards

Gary Edwards, DO, FACOFP
Chair of Family Medicine, rank of Associate Professor

photo of Andrew Ryals

Andrew Ryals, DO
Director of Clinical Skills
Assistant Professor

photo of Donna Shipley

Donna Shipley, MD
Assistant Professor

photo of Ryan Sullivan

Ryan Sullivan, DO
Assistant Professor
Emergency Medicine


Department of Internal Medicine

photo of Leslie Ziegler

Leslie Ziegler, MD
Assistant Professor

photo of Nasser Adjei

Nasser Adjei, MD, FACC, FSCAI
Assistant Professor

photo of Eduardo deMondesert

Eduardo A. deMondesert, MD
Assistant Professor

photo of Mark Stillwell

Mark L. Stillwell, MD, FACP
Assistant Professor
Infectious Disease

photo of James Henry

James Henry, MD
Associate Professor

photo of Jon Gustafson

Jon Gustafson, MD
Assistant Professor

Department of OPP

photo of Thomas Fotopoulos

Thomas Fotopoulos, DO
Chair and Associate Professor

photo of Joe Queeney

Joe Queeney, DO, FACOS
Assistant Professor, OMM

photo of Keesha Woolsey

Kesha Woolsey
Osteopathic Principles and Practice Coordinator


Department of Pediatrics

photo of Louay Nassri

Louay K. Nassri, MD, FAAP, FCCP
Chair and Assistant Professor


Department of Surgery

photo of David Grant

David G. Grant, MD, FRCS
Assistant Professor of Surgery

photo of Ismail Ihmeidan

Ismail Ihmeidan, MD
Assistant Professor

Department of Clinical Resources & Graduate Medical Education

photo of Frazier Edwards

Frazier Edwards, MPA
Executive Director of Clinical Resources and CME

photo of Sarah Craig

Sarah Craig
GME/CME Coordinator

Department of Library Services


Zahra Kamarei, MLS
Director of Library Services

photo of Connie Manning

Sonya Lemke, MLS
Health Sciences Librarian

photo of Connie Manning

Connie Manning, MA, MLIS
Health Sciences Librarian

Department of Preclinical Medicine

photo of Ross Longley

Ross E. Longley, PhD
Associate Dean of Preclinical Medicine and Research

photo of Lindsay Casanova

Lindsay Casanova
Administrative Assistant Preclinical Medicine

photo of Patricia Cunningham

Patricia Cunningham
Director of Preclinical Curriculum

photo of Dana Smith

Dana Smith
OMS II Coordinator


Department of Anatomy

David L. McWhorter, PhD
Chair and Professor

Joanne Peterson, PhD
Assistant Professor of Anatomy

Raja Rachakatla, PhD
Associate Professor of Anatomy

Zachary Throckmorton, PhD
Associate Professor of Anatomy

Heather Guzik, MA
Anatomy Lab Instructor

Department of Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Sciences

Lance Bridges, PhD
Chair and Associate Professor

Kenneth Hensley, PhD
Program Director, Master of Science in Biomedicine

Brandy Ree, PhD
Assistant Professor

Matthew C. White, PhD
Assistant Professor

Department of Microbiology & Pharmacology

Daniel H. Atchley, PhD
Chair and Professor

Abby L. Geis, PhD
Assistant Professor

Eric Lee, PhD
Assistant Professor

Roseane Santos, PhD
Associate Professor of Pharmacology

Department of Pathophysiology

Barry Prior, PhD
Chair and Associate Professor

Ahmmed Ally, MD, PhD

Gurgit Nagra, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor

Department of Research

Talal El-Hefnawy, MD, PhD
Chair and Associate Professor

Department of Security

Levi Risley
Director of Security
Chief of Police

Department of Simulation & Clinical Skills

Harvey Potts, MD, MPH
Executive Director of Simulation and Clinical Skills
Assistant Professor

Demetria Daniels, LPN
Standardized Patient Center Coordinator

Kerrie Sanders
Simulation Lab Coordinator

Department of Student Affairs

Laurel Starling-McIntosh, MeD HIED
Senior Assistant Dean of Student Affairs

Kelly DeWitt
Director of Admissions – ARCOM

Amanda Evenson
Director of Student Support Services

Charitee Floyd
Student Services and Activities Coordinator

Glenna Gilliam
Director of Financial Aid

Shawna Mason

Janie Price
Admissions Counselor


Susan Devero
Executive Director of Communications

Allison Kyrouac
Digital Marketing & Branding Manager