Academic Support

Academic Support at ARCOM is provided through a variety of venues.  From the first moments of student orientation, students receive academic support in the form of individual and small group assistance, and through the latest in educational technology.

During orientation, students become members of an Academy with faculty, staff, and administrative sponsors in which they will engage in community and academic programs that will help to “keep them on track” during their rigorous journey through medical school.  And, as a part of regularly scheduled Academy meetings, students will also learn about time management, study skills, and a variety of methods to help them succeed academically.  Furthermore, a Learning Specialist will be on staff to serve as a type of academic mentor offering assistance to students with difficulties they may be experiencing.

In terms of classroom support, in addition to holding regularly scheduled office hours, faculty will maintain an open door policy, available to assist students with work in their classes, or with academic advising.  Tutoring will also be available at ARCOM and our library will contain the most current medical and scientific research available through a host of databases and other resources.