Apply for Scholarships

Institutional Scholarships

The Arkansas Colleges of Health Education (ACHE), Arkansas College of Osteopathic Medicine, has established the ARCOM Student Stethoscope Scholarship Program (SSSP) for osteopathic medical students. The ARCOM SSSP has two components. The first component provides each incoming, first year student with an engraved stethoscope, helping to offset the student’s expenses for required equipment. Incoming, first year students do not have to apply for the SSSP engrave stethoscope.

The second component provides for individual financial scholarships for current students. The individual SSSP scholarships are subject to the availability of funds. Application deadlines, criteria, and application forms will be available to ARCOM Students when applications become available.

The ACHE Development Office is currently establishing additional student scholarships and will provide details to the students as they become available.

Outside Scholarships/Resources

Outside scholarships and resources are funds awarded to a student by a third party to assist in paying for their educational expenses.  Third parties may consist of: organizations, individuals, private practices, hospitals, government agencies, non-profit agencies and other sources.  Scholarships may be awarded to students based upon their achievements, personal attributes, service agreements or other criteria.  These awards will be applied to the student’s account based upon the criteria provided by the third party. Not all programs at the Arkansas Colleges of Health Education will be eligible for all fund sources.  

Federal regulations require students to report any scholarships, grants, and other assistance received from or awarded by sources other than Arkansas Colleges of Health Education (ACHE). Reporting should be completed as soon as you have accepted an award, regardless of whether the funds have been received. These outside scholarships will be reported directly to the Controller using the Scholarship Reporting Form.

Outside scholarships or other financial resources students receive to assist with educational expenses will be counted in the total amount of financial aid a student may receive.  Students are not allowed to receive more financial aid (loans, stipends, institutional scholarships, outside scholarships, etc.) than what his or her cost of attendance for the academic year.  Students that do receive more financial aid than their cost of attendance will have their financial aid award adjusted accordingly.

We encourage students to avoid applying for any scholarships that are fee-based.

ACHE has provided a list of outside scholarships/resources students may find helpful in their search for funding to pay for their education. Students should understand any terms, conditions and eligibility of scholarship for his or her program before applying for any type of scholarship resources.

ACG Minority Affairs and Cultural Diversity Committee’s Summer Scholars Program
Students from underrepresented groups may be eligible to apply for this summer fellowship to increase mentorship and research in gastroenterology. The application deadline is March 15. 

American Association of University Women
Women in ethnic minorities in their third and fourth year may apply for fellowships.

American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians
Students may be eligible to receive a scholarship and free membership from the Student Association of the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians.

American Medical Women’s Association
Members of the American Medical Women’s Association may be eligible to apply for fellowships, grants and scholarships.

Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program (Service Agreements Apply)
Students who are eligible and will join the Army, Air Force and Navy may apply for this scholarship through the following branches:

Christian Medical and Dental Associations
Students and resident members who wish to spend time overseas as a rotation elective may apply for mission scholarships.

Colorado Springs Osteopathic Foundation
Second year osteopathic medical students may apply for a $10,000 Tuition Scholarship for their third year of medical school. The scholarships are automatically renewed for their fourth year as long as the recipients remain in good standing. The application opens up November 1 and submission deadline is generally February 1st of each year.

Dr. Rose M. Green Thomas Academic Medicine Scholarship Award
First and second year minority female students who pledges a medical career in American Medicine may apply for this scholarship.  Submission deadline is May 30 of each year.

Indian Health Service (Service Agreements Apply)
Qualified American Indian and Alaska Native health profession students who wish to commit to working in Indian health communities.  Scholarship application available to students who agree to fulfill a service commitment in full-time clinical practice upon completion of their academic or post-graduate clinical training.  Application deadline is generally around March 28.

National Health Service Corps Scholarship Program (Service Agreements apply)
Students who are committed to primary care may be eligible to apply for this scholarship that pays tuition, fees, other educational costs and a living stipend in return for a commitment to work at least two years at an NHSC-approved site in a medically underserved community.  The scholarship application will open in early 2018, but you can sign-up to get an e-mail when it does.

National Institute of Health
Students who wish to commit to engage in NIH mission-relevant research and may receive payment of up to $35,000 annually of student loan debt.

National Medical Fellowship Scholarship
Medical and health professions students across all minority groups represented in healthcare can apply for scholarships and support.

Northwest Osteopathic Medical Foundation
The Northwest Osteopathic Medical Foundation offers scholarships to defray some of the cost of osteopathic medical school tuition. Students from the Northwest and likely to be returning to the northwest to practice are given preference in the application process. The application progress generally opens in March.

Sherry R. Arnstein Minority Scholarship
Under-represented minority students who are or will be attending a member college of the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine may apply for this scholarship. The scholarship is named after former AACOM Executive Director, Sherry R. Arnstein. Application deadline is generally March 31.

Southern Medical Association (SMA) and it’s Alliance (SMAA)
The SMA and SMAA is offering the “Society of 1906 Medical Student Scholarship” and the “Society of 1924 Medical Student Scholarship” to a 3rd year medical student in need of financial aid who exhibits both academic and leadership qualities.

SOMA Foundation

Osteopathic medical students may apply for SOMA Foundation Scholarships

  • Women in Medicine Scholarship
    An osteopathic medical female student that is a member of SOMA may receive a $1,000 scholarship sponsored by the National Association of Osteopathic Foundation (NAOF). This scholarship application generally has a Fall deadline.
  • Community and Preventive Medicine Scholarship
    Osteopathic medical students that are SOMA members who wish to work in the field of community medicine may be eligible to apply for a $1,000 scholarship by demonstrating commitment to community medicine in past experiences and future career plans.  This scholarship generally has a deadline date in the Fall.
  • Marvin H. and Kathleen G. Teget Leadership Scholarship
    Osteopathic medical students pursuing a career in specialty medicine that demonstrates leadership in a specialty field may apply for this $1,000 scholarship.  This scholarship generally has a deadline date in the Spring.
  • International Medical Mission Trip Scholarship
    Osteopathic medical students who participate in international medical mission and relief trips may be eligible to receive up to $500 to cover for transportation, room, board and essential related expenses.  The deadline for this scholarship is generally in the Spring.

American Indian Scholarships (Service Agreements may apply)

  • American Indian College Fund
    Students may be eligible to apply for the Full Circle Scholarship Program administered by the American Indian College Fund and are generally based upon merit or demonstrate financial need. Applications are accepted from students beginning in January and ending May 31 of each year.
  • American Indian Education Foundation
    Partnership with Native Americans provides scholarships to undergraduate and graduate Native American students.
  • American Indian Graduate Center
    Students with financial need and are personally enrolled in a federally recognized American Indian Tribe or Alaska Native Group or possess one fourth (1/4) degree verifiable federal recognized American Indian blood through the submission of a Tribally Eligibility Certificate (TEC) may apply for this scholarship. Applications and the Tribal Eligibility Certificate (TEC) are due July 15th of each year.
  • American Indian Science and Engineering Society
    The American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) proves a wide range of programs and scholarship opportunities for AISES members.
  • Association on American Indian Affairs
    The Association on American Indian Affairs offers scholarships for graduate students.  Applications are generally accepted twice a year and the Spring applications may begin as early as October.
  • Cobell Scholarship
    The Cobell Scholarship is available to enrolled members of a U.S. Federal-recognized Tribe.

Arkansas Academic Challenge
The Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship is available to Arkansas residents from the Arkansas Department of Higher Education who have received this scholarship previously and have remaining eligibility available. 

Arkansas Rehabilitation Services
Students that are Arkansas residents who have a qualifying disability may be eligible to apply for assistance through Arkansas Rehabilitation Services.

Arkansas Student Loan Authority
The Arkansas Student Loan Authority provides several $1,000 scholarships each year to incoming and current college students in Arkansas.  Each year, one of the scholarships drawn will be renewable for up to 4 years.

Citizens Bank
Students that are 17 years of age or older and are legal residents of the fifty (50) United States or the District of Columbia may be eligible to apply for the Citizens Bank Graduate Scholarship.  Application deadline is August 1, 2019.

College Board
Scholarship information is provided to students based upon the College Board’s Annual Survey of Financial Aid Programs.

Fastweb Scholarship Search Data Base
Students may be eligible to apply for scholarships.

Fund My Future
Students may be eligible to apply for scholarships based upon their major, work, experience and activities.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund
Hispanic American students may be eligible to apply for scholarships and support services based upon their merit and relative need.  Applications are generally accepted from January to April.

Fund My Future
Students may be eligible to apply for scholarships based upon their major, work, experience and activities.

Mapping Your Future
Students may be eligible to apply for scholarships based upon their major, work, experience and activities.

Single Parent Scholarship Fund
Students that are considered single parents who live in the State of Arkansas or in Bowie County, TX may be eligible to apply for scholarships through his or her county. 

Sallie Mae
Students may use this online tool to search for scholarships, find out how to apply for scholarships and information on how to write scholarship essays.  Applications are generally accepted from January to mid-February. 

United Negro College Fund

  • William Paxton Cary Scholarship
    African American students who are dedicated to civic service by studying law, medicine or political science with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale may be eligible to apply for this. 

U.S. Department of Labor
Students may search for scholarships, fellowships, grants and other financial aid opportunities using the online tool for the Scholarship Finder.