Michael Samel, DO

Clinical Instructor
Family Medicine

Michael A. Samel, DO, is the first in his family to seek a medical education. He is a Clinical Instructor and junior faculty member at ARCOM. He graduated from Des Moines University in 2019 and was recognized as the Outstanding Student of Humanities and Bioethics for his medical school cohort. Dr. Samel is interested in Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, and Psychiatric residencies, and plans to continue to complete a fellowship in Palliative Medicine. Dr. Samel is originally a resident of Hattiesburg, MS and attended the University of Southern Mississippi for his undergraduate studies in Biochemistry, as a Presidential Scholar, where he also was involved in primary research into novel protein interactions with amyloid-beta peptide in the context of Alzheimer’s Disease and neuroinflammatory response.

Dr. Samel is passionate about communication and believes that the primary role of a physician is to teach and inspire our patients to understand how their body works, and thus to empower them to remain engaged as a member of their own healthcare team.

In his free time he is an avid home cook and enjoys craft beer and homebrewing. He has a young Boxer/Lab pup named Tortellini who is a very good boy.