2020-2021 Academic Calendar

Dates may be subject to change. Tuition and Fees payment deadline is the Friday before classes begin.

Fall Semester 
OMS-IV Tuition Payment Deadline(F) June 26
OMS-IV Fall Semester Begins (M) June 29
OMS-IV Disbursement (T) June 30
Independence Day (Offices Closed)(F) July 3
OMS-III Tuition Payment Deadline(F) July 3
OMS-III Fall Semester Begins (M) July 6
OMS-IV Refund (M) July 6
OMS-III Disbursement(T) July 7
OMS-III Refund(F) July 10
Anatomy Boot Camp(M) July 6-13
OMS-IV Census Date (T) July 14
OMS-I & MSB Tuition Payment Deadline(F) July 17
OMS-I Orientation(M-W) July 20-22
OMS-III Census Date (T) July 21
MSB Student Orientation(Th) July 23
OMS-I & MSB Fall Semester Begins (F) July 24
OMS-I & MSB Disbursement (M) July 27
OMS-I & MSB Refund (Th) July 30
OMS-II Tuition Payment Deadline(F) July 31
OMS-II Fall Semester Begins (M) August 3
OMS-I & MSB Census Date (M) August 3
OMS-II Disbursement (T) August 4
OMS-II Refund (F) August 7
OMS-II Census Date (T) August 18
Labor Day Observed (No Classes; Offices Closed)(M) September 7
Deadline to Withdraw With a Grade of W for MSB, OMS-I, OMS-II(T) October 27
Thanksgiving Holiday Break (No Classes; Office closed 11/26 – 11/27)(W - F) November 25 -27
OMS-I & MSB Fall Semester Ends (F) December 11
OMS-IV Fall Semester Ends (Su) December 13
OMS-II Fall Semester Ends (Th) December 17
OMS-III Fall Semester Ends (Su) December 20
Winter Break Begins (Offices Closed 12/21 – 1/1)(M) December 21
Spring Semester 
OMS-IV Tuition Payment Deadline(F) December 11
OMS-IV Spring Semester Begins (M) December 14
OMS-IV Disbursement(T) December 15
OMS-IV Refund(F) December 18
OMS-III Tuition Payment Deadline(F) December 18
OMS-III Spring Semester Begins (M) December 21
OMS-III Disbursement(T) December 22
OMS-III ACH Refund(M) December 28
OMS-I, OMS-II & MSB Tuition Payment Deadline(F) January 1
OMS-III Check Refund(M) January 4
OMS-IV Census Date (M) January 4
MSB Spring Semester Begins (M) January 4
OMS-II Spring Semester Begins (T) January 5
OMS-III Census Date (T) January 5
OMS-III Census Date (T) January 5
MSB Disbursement (T) January 5
OMS-II Disbursement(W) January 6
OMS-I Spring Semester Begins (TH) January 7
MSB Refund(F) January 8
OMS-I Disbursement(F) January 8
OMS-II Refund(M) January 11
OMS-I Refund(W) January 13
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Observed (No Classes; Offices Closed)(M) January 18
MSB Census Date(T) January 19
OMS-II Census Date(W) January 20
OMS-I Census Date (F) January 22
Spring Holiday Break(W-F) March 24 – 26
Research SymposiumTBD
OMS-IV Spring Semester Ends(Su) May 2
Commencement(S) May 15
OMS-I & MSB Spring Semester Ends (F) May 21
OMS-II Spring Semester Ends (F) May 28
Memorial Day Observed (Offices Closed)(M) May 31
OMS-III Spring Semester Ends (Su) July 4

Special Events


  • White Coat Ceremony (S) October 10 (Livestream)
  • AOMA Annual Convention (Approval to attend required) (W-Su) August 5-9
  • OMED Conference (Phoenix, AZ) (Approval to attend required) (Th-Su) October 15-18 (Virtual)
  • Match Day March 19
  • COMSAE April TBD