Rebecca Ameis_3

Rebecca Ameis
Administrative Assistant Academic Affairs

Michael Chancey

Michael Chancey
Infrastructure Engineer

Benny Gooden, EdD
Executive Director of Institutional Relations

Mandy Keyes

Mandy Keyes
Director of Admissions

Adam Reeves
Admissions Coordinator

Sheila Bentley
HR Coordinator

Patricia Cunningham


Jonathan Hataway
Director of Information Systems & Technology

Jackie Krutsch

Jackie Krutsch
Executive Director of Development

Levi Risley

Levi Risley
Director of Security

Lisa Boyd
Executive Assistant to the President & CEO

Susan Devero

Susan Devero
Executive Director of Community Relations

Babara Jetton_4

Barbara Jetton
Director of Human Resources

Dawn Miller
Applications Administrator

Stacey Young

Eric Burns

Eric Burns
Director of Building & Grounds

Glenna Gilliam

Glenna Gilliam
Director of Financial Aid


Dianna Jordan
Executive Assistant to COO & Procurement Manager

Mary Jane Pippin
Police Officer