President’s Welcome

Kyle D. Parker, J.D.Kyle_welcome
President & CEO
Arkansas Colleges of Health Education

To Serve the Underserved and Promote a Healthier Arkansas




On behalf of the Arkansas Colleges of Health Education, it is my honor and my pleasure to welcome you to our institution and to offer you the opportunity to share in our vision for the promotion of health care and lifestyle awareness in the State of Arkansas.

We are an exciting new venture defined by our flagship campus, the Arkansas College of Osteopathic Medicine (ARCOM).  While this endeavor will create a healthier Arkansas by filling openings for doctors within the most underserved region in the state, ARCOM is only the first in a series of projects that will seek to promote fitness and health consciousness, as we create a community where the citizens of western Arkansas can live, work, and play in an environment that will prosper into the 21st century.

In terms of undergraduate and post-graduate medical education, ARCOM will offer a 102,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility featuring the latest technology with instruction led by some of the finest faculty in the country.

At the Arkansas Colleges of Health Education, we invite you to join us as we not only change the direction of health care in Arkansas, but also the quality of life for people in the State and the surrounding regions.


Kyle D. Parker, J.D.
President & CEO
Arkansas Colleges of Health Education