Director of Graduate Medical Education (GME)

The Director of Graduate Medical Education (GME) will be responsible for planning, directing, and providing guidance and expertise for the development of policies and procedures that will aid in the establishment and operation of graduate medical education opportunities for the students and graduates of ARCOM in cooperation with affiliates and partners of the COM. Additionally, the Director will assist affiliated clinical partners with both the development of new and continued compliance of existing GME programs to meet ACGME requirements under a single accreditation system; Work with hospitals and other institutions to establish new programs; Supervise programs to ensure quality evaluation and improvement for existing programs; Assist in the recruitment of administration, faculty and residents for the programs affiliated with the COM; Assist in the establishment of clinical education opportunities for the pre-doctoral students of ARCOM; Work to maintain ARCOM status as an educational sponsor for GME; Provide consultation and assistance to aid in ensuring that the programs provide for the integration of scientifically based, outcome evaluated clinical knowledge and skills, biomedical sciences and osteopathic principles and practices and assure that the participants have the faculty and opportunity to reach the level of competency, skills and knowledge established by the accreditation, licensure and certification agencies in the state of Arkansas and the United States.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Master’s Degree in Education, Public Health, Healthcare Administration, Business or another related field is required.
  • Three years (3) of practical and administrative experience with Graduate Medical Education at a College of Osteopathic Medicine, College of Allopathic Medicine, Academic Health Care Teaching Center, or Osteopathic Post-Doctoral Training Program (OPTI) or five years (5) experience as a full time faculty member in a Graduate Medical Education Program.
  • Knowledge of and functional competency with computers, software, data systems and all other electronic devices and methods used to deliver educational programs and assess their outcomes.
  • Demonstrated experience, knowledge, skill and leadership in all aspects of pre-doctoral and post-doctoral medical education.
  • Demonstrated experience and skills in providing administrative oversight, direction, leadership and motivation for faculty and staff.
  • Good standing with all regulatory and governmental boards and agencies.
  • Eligible for coverage by college’s malpractice insurer if applicable.
  • Strong skills pertinent to teamwork, communication, staff management and supervision, analytic problem solving, and education advocacy.


Preferred Qualifications

  • Terminal degree (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine or Medical Doctor Degree, PhD, EdD) with current Board Certification in appropriate area of specialization if applicable.
  • Demonstrated leadership and productivity in the areas of clinical or professional service, scholarly activity, medical research or education.
  • Previous experience as a DME/DIO, Administrative DME, or OPTI director.

Required knowledge, skills, and abilities

  • Demonstrate knowledge of AOA, ACGME standards and accreditation requirements.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skill in the delivery of medical education in the classroom, laboratory, simulation and standardized laboratory settings and in clinical settings for students and residents.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of varied curriculum template and educational formats.
  • Demonstrate ability to mentor and motivate students and peers.
  • Demonstrate leadership skills, organizational skills, delegation skills, and time management skills.