Director of Clinical Rotations

The Director of Clinical Rotations provides administrative oversight and management for the clinical rotation processes for ACHE students.  This position provides coordination for the clinical medicine education programs of ACHE, serving as the administrative manager and primary contact for students, chairs of clinical education, and clinical rotation faculty concerning any issues related to, policies and procedures, selection, scheduling, evaluation, and all other clinical education issues.  The position oversees the maintenance of clinical rotation faculty/student rotation schedules.  This position is responsible for effective communication between ACHE, its faculty and administration and the clinical faculty with students, clinical institutions, and clinical rotation faculty. 


  • Works with Associate Dean for Clinical Medicine to develop a system for students’ placement at and selection of core, selective and electives rotations to meet the requirements of the curriculum and the desires of the student to the extent possible.
  • Under the direction of the Associate Dean for Clinical Medicine, helps to develop and distributes curriculum policies, procedures, curriculum schedules, syllabus, evaluation documents and other associated materials to the clinical institution, clinical faculty, and students.
  • Work closely with the Associate Dean for Clinical Medicine and chairs of clinical medicine to establish, implement, and continuously re-evaluate program policies, procedures, curriculum, evaluation processes and the supporting training manuals.
  • Ensures that required curriculum expectations, syllabus, student rosters and student information are distributed to clinical sites in a timely manner, including any modifications or changes which may occur. Information distributed includes but is not limited to: syllabus, evaluation procedures and forms, student immunization and immunity records, background checks, documentation of OSHA and Bio-hazardous Fluid education and the student biographical information and malpractice insurance.
  • Ensures that student assignments are distributed to site coordinators in a timely and effective manner.
  • Conducts monthly meetings with all site coordinators (via teleconference when needed).
  • Works with the Site Coordinator and the Clinical Site Coordinator to assist with the recruitment of clinical faculty to meet the needs of the curriculum.
  • Works with site coordinators for scheduling of students with clinical faculty, to obtain the evaluation of students from the faculty and the evaluation of the site and faculty from the students.
  • Coordinates with the administration of the college and the clinical sites to ensure that the policy and process are in place to ensure that clinical faculty and clinical sites are compensated according to written policy, contract and affiliation agreements.
  • Oversees the maintenance of the clinical rotation faculty database containing credentialing information, evaluations, and outcome data.
  • Ensures that all clinical rotation faculty are appointed or credentialed, have faculty appointments consistent with policy.
  • Works with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and the administration of the college to maintain academic standards of the clinical rotation program at a rotation sites.
  • Coordinates the development and administration of end-of-rotation exams, the supervision of the evaluation process for the students, and the return of students when directed to the college for testing.
  • Works with Associate Dean to coordinate and provide faculty development and CME programs for the clinical faculty at the site.
  • Works with Academic Affairs to document the progress of students through curriculum; Compiles statistical and operational data on resources, develops reports as requested.
  • Coordinates events between the college and clinical sites for events including but not limited to: clinical rotation orientation, faculty development events, end-of-rotation exams, on-campus educational events, OSCE’s, and hospital day.
  • Coordinates with clinical sites concerning the logistics to support the educational program, including location, room set up, A/V needs, catering, program planning, etc.
  • Ensures that clinical curriculum-related educational and evaluation documents are posted to the learning management system (currently Canvas) in a timely manner. These materials include but are not limited to: educational modules, faculty development programs rotation schedules, clinical rotation faculty assignments, clinical faculty presentations, multidisciplinary teaching conferences, and clinical skills assessments.
  • Oversees and continuously evaluates the learning management systems of the college and the process for student logs and portfolio maintenance and reporting.
  • Ensures that privacy laws and policies of ACHE are followed.
  • Oversees the department’s assistance of students with ERAS applications and the match process.
  • Works with Associate Dean of Clinical Medicine to develop and maintain online modules for clerkship students including but not limited to ERAS, Match, Interviewing Specialty Selection, self-management.
  • Coordinates the return of students to the college for end of semester onsite learning.
  • Advances the prestige of the ACHE through advancement of and avocation for its missions and vision.
  • Works effectively as a team member, embracing and fostering ACHE’s mission.
  • Demonstrate an ability to work as a group leader and group member; team player.
  • Serve as a representative at the request of the Dean and /or his designee.
  • Supervise the OMS-III and OMS-IV Clinical Rotation Coordinators (TBD) at the college as well as supervise any Clinical Core Site Coordinators employed by ACHE
  • Other duties as assigned by the Dean or his designee.


Education and Experience

Minimum qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree or work equivalent in medical student/resident education.
  • Previous experience in medical education.
  • Knowledge of and functional competence with computers, software, and data systems.
  • Demonstrated experience and skills in providing administrative oversight, direction, and leadership.
  • Strong skills pertinent to teamwork, communicate, analytic problem solving, and education advocacy.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Master’s degree.
  • 3+ years of experience with student/resident education.

Required knowledge, skills, and abilities

Display professionalism for the college in all communication and interaction.

  • Ability to maintain confidentiality and privacy.
  • Ability to prioritize and organize numerous and varied assignments.
  • High-energy, versatile, self-directed.

If you need assistance in the application process because of a disability, or for any other reason, please contact Barbara Jetton, director of Human Resources, at 479.308.2291 or