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Master of Science in Biomedicine

The goal of the Arkansas Colleges of Health Education (ACHE) Master of Science in Biomedicine is to provide the student with a program of study with sufficient academic rigor in biomedical sciences to enhance the scientific and professional preparation of students aspiring to a career in the medical and health professions or in a related field requiring graduate level biomedical sciences.  Your training will include innovative learning opportunities in state-of-the-art classrooms and our 3,500-square-foot Anatomy lab where you will have the opportunity of exploring the human body under the direction of the medical school anatomy faculty.

Program Objectives

Provide a one-year, two semester, 30 credit hour Master of Science in Biomedicine degree program in which students will take advanced biomedical courses alongside medical students. All courses are taught by medical school faculty.

Guarantee eligibility for application and an interview at ARCOM for students who successfully complete the program with a grade of B or better.

Receive credit for Anatomy taught at ARCOM if the student receives a B or better in the Anatomy course taught in the Master’s program and matriculates as a student at ARCOM.

Expected Student Learning Outcomes

A student who successfully completes the program of study leading to the Master of Science in Biomedicine will be able to achieve the following:

  • A graduate of this program will have a solid foundation in medical knowledge as it relates to the areas of anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, cellular and molecular biology, pathological basis of disease and microbiology and immunology.
  • A graduate of this program will learn how the basic sciences integrate with clinical practice.
  • A graduate of this program will learn how to interact on a professional basis with their future colleagues through peer evaluation.

Admissions Requirements

  • Two letters of reference from a science faculty member
  • Official Transcript from each college/university previously attended
  • Personal Statement
  • Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) – Official MCAT scores should be emailed directly to us via email. Scores from test dates prior to January 2016 will not be accepted.

These basic requirements must be taken for credit and passed at an accredited college or university. It is strongly encouraged that applicants have a broad education background that includes behavioral science and the humanities, along with a proficiency in scientific problem solving, critical thinking and writing.

DisciplineHours Required
Biological Science8 semester hours
Biochemistry3 semester hours
Inorganic Chemistry with Laboratory (8 hours of general/college chemistry will fulfill this requirement)8 semester hours
Organic Chemistry with Laboratory8 semester hours
Physics with Laboratory8 semester hours
Additional Science Electives*4 semester hours
English Composition and Literature6 semester hours

Academic Calendars

Fall Semester Begins for OMS-III(M) July 1
Independence Day (Offices Closed)(TH) July 4
Anatomy Bootcamp Move-In at The Residents(F) July 5
Anatomy Boot Camp(M-F) July 8 – July 19
Remaining Move-In at The Residents and Heritage Village(TH – F) July 18 -19
OMS-I Orientation(M-W) July 22 -24
MSB Student Orientation(TH) July 25
Fall Semester Begins for OMS-I and MSB(F) July 26
Fall Semester Begins for OMS-II(M) August 5
Census Date(M) August 19
Labor Day Observed (No Classes; Offices Closed)(M) September 2
White Coat Ceremony(S) September 21
OMED Conference (Baltimore, MD) Approval to attend required(F – M) October 25 – 28
Thanksgiving Holiday Break (No Classes; Office closed 11/28 – 11/29)(W - F) November 27 -29
Fall Semester Ends for OMS-I and MSB(F) December 13
Fall Semester Ends OMS-III(SU) December 15
Final Grades due for OMS-IIITBD
Spring Semester Begins for OMS-III(M) December 16
Final Grades due for OMS-I, OMS-II, and MSB(T) December 17
Fall Semester Ends for OMS-II(TH) December 19
Winter Break Begins (Offices Closed 12/20 – 1/1)(F) December 20
Fall Remediation ExamsTBD
Spring Semester Begins for MSB(TH) January 2
Spring Semester Begins for OMS-II(F) January 3
Spring Semester Begins for OMS-I(M) January 6
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Observed (No Classes)(M) January 20
Census Date(T) January 21
DO Day on Capitol Hill (Washington D.C.) Approval to attend required.March TBD
Spring Holiday Break(W-F) March 25 – 27
Spring Semester Ends for MSB(TH) May 14
Final Grades Due for MSB(F) May 15
MSB Commencement(SA) May 16
Spring Semester Ends for OMS-I and OMS-II(F) May 22
Final Grades Due for OMS-I and OMS-IITBD
Research SymposiumTBD
Memorial Day Observed (Offices Closed)(M) May 25
Spring Remediation ExamsTBD
Spring Semester Ends OMS-III(SU) June 28
Final Grades Due for OMS-IIITBD

Application Information

Application Deadline

Priority Application Deadline: June 1, 2019

The Arkansas Colleges of Health Education is committed to the admission and matriculation of all qualified students and does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religion, national origin, age, disability, or veteran status. The College will expect that minimal technical standards be met by all applicants and students as set forth herein.

For more information:
Send an email
Call 479-308-2200

Kenneth Hensley, PhD

Program Director, Master of Science in Biomedicine

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7000 Chad Colley Boulevard
Fort Smith, AR  72916
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Dr. Hensley is Professor of Biochemistry and a founding faculty member at the Arkansas College of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Hensley received undergraduate degrees in Biology and Chemistry (1992) and a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Kentucky (1992). Over the next twenty-five years Dr. Hensley researched in the fields of neurodegeneration and experimental therapeutics. He has taught and mentored undergraduate, graduate and medical students at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation; The University of Oklahoma Health Science Center and the University of Toledo Health Science Campus. He has over 160 scientific publications and five U.S. and international patents.


  • BS Chemistry, BS Biology University of KY 1988
  • PhD Chemistry, University of KY 1993
  • Pos-Doctoral Research, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, 1996-2000

Breeanne Hafley

Program Coordinator, Master of Science in Biomedicine

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7000 Chad Colley Blvd.
Fort Smith, AR 72916
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Breeanne moved to Arkansas from Virginia in the Fall of 2017 for her husband’s job in the Fort Smith area. She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and has spent her professional career in human resources and recruitment. She enjoys traveling, hiking with her husband and their blue-merle border collie, listening to live music, and spending time with her first child, Evelyn, who was born in December of 2017.