Associate Dean of GME

The Assistant Dean of GME Development will be responsible for planning, directing, and the implementation of programs, policies and procedures for the Department of Faculty Development that will include assisting our affiliated clinical partners with both the development of new and continued compliance of existing GME programs to meet ACGME requirements under a single accreditation system as well as determining appropriate support, resources, programming, and training to facilitate faculty growth in all areas of their professional roles. The Assistant Dean of GME will also assist our affiliated clinical partners obtain Osteopathic Recognition of ACGME accredited programs. The Assistant Dean of GME will provide direction to residency program DMEs, Program Directors, and Program Coordinators and interact with key hospital staff and other physicians.


  • Participate in personal professional development.
  • Attend all CME conferences required to maintain accreditation
  • Maintain ACGME accreditation and Osteopathic Recognition, establishing new and updated policies, procedures and practices as needed to maintain accreditation.
  • Create a vision for faculty development within the context of ARCOM.
  • Develop CME/Faculty development events, workshops, programs, seminars, faculty learning communities, and conferences designed to improve teaching and learning.
  • Provide oversight and direction for the Graduate Medical Education (GME) faculty, administration, staff, deans, Directors of Medical Education (DMEs) and clinical affiliate partners of ARCOM in developing, implementing and evaluating their graduate education curriculums and programs.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of ACGME standards and accreditation requirements, self-study visits, Clinical Learning Environment Review (CLER) visits, and support conversion and compliance of GME programs.
  • Plan, develop, and manage the GME/CME Departments’ budget to allow the Departments to implement educational programs for ARCOM, ensure effective and efficient operational functions and procedures consistent with established college policies.
  • Provide supervision and direction for post-doctoral and graduate medical education efforts delivered by the faculty of ARCOM in cooperation with the Associate Dean of Clinical Medicine and other administrators and faculty of ARCOM at the direction of the Dean.
  • Explore, evaluate, recruit and establish new clinical education sites and GME programs with an emphasis on sites in rural and underserved opportunities.
  • Establish, implement and evaluate procedures for GME site and GME faculty evaluation regarding the educational effectiveness of the clinical training sites and faculty partnering with ARCOM in providing GME for its graduates and clinical education for its students.
  • Perform or direct the collection and evaluation of data to ensure that the Graduate Medical Education (GME) programs and the CME/Faculty Development programs associated with ARCOM are meeting their goals, are supporting ARCOM’s mission, values and goals and are operating consistent with established regulations, policy and procedures in the areas of clinical education and continuous faculty development programs. Evaluations will include needs assessments and gap analyses based on feedback from ARCOM’s department chairs and Deans.
  • Ensure that all clinical and graduate Medical Education faculty that hold faculty appointments by ARCOM are properly and timely credentialed according to ARCOM policy and they are in good standing with state and national regulatory bodies and meet the qualifications established by ARCOM for faculty appointments.
  • Provide expertise and recommendations to ARCOM faculty and other medical education partners in the design of innovative educational programs.
  • Provide administrative leadership, faculty mentorship and development for junior members of the faculty, staff and students.
  • Participate in curriculum development, assessment and modification as a part of the college’s ongoing quality improvement and assessment program.
  • Participate in the assessment or evaluation of and provide feedback to other members of the faculty as a component of the college’s ongoing quality improvement and assessment program.
  • Enhance individual teaching effectiveness by consulting with individual faculty to facilitate growth in appropriate pedagogy, curriculum design, and assessment of student learning.
  • Provide guidance and assistance to the DMEs, program directors, administration, faculty and staff for the development and improvement of graduate medical education programs, the selection and evaluation of students and residents, and management of resources to meet the goals of the program and institution.
  • Provide oversight for and direction for a Continuous Quality Assessment and Quality Improvement process for the graduate medical educational components of ARCOM and its affiliates, the DMEs and their clinical faculty, the clinical sites and the residents.
  • Work with the Associate Dean for Clinical Medicine and the Director of CME/Faculty Development to support and direct faculty development for ARCOM clinical faculty.
  • Work with the Department Chairs and the Associate Dean of Clinical Medicine to stimulate the development of programs, resources, faculty and implement programs to advance clinical research and scholarly activity.
  • Work with the Department Chairs and the Associate Dean of Clinical Medicine to evaluate the performance of the clinical faculty of ARCOM annually or as indicated by policy, report evaluations to the Dean, make recommendations for discipline, promotion and recognition and develop a culture of excellence, continuous improvement and advancement for each of the chairs.
  • Assist the Associate Dean for Clinical Medicine in the direction and supervision of the clinical faculty at GME and clinical training sites so that they meet the accreditation standards of the ACGME and COCA and that competencies required and outcome objectives for clinical education are also met.
  • Demonstrate and role model an ongoing ability to work cooperatively with colleagues, supervisors and support staff.
  • Demonstrate an ability to work as a group leader and group member; team player.
  • Participate in preparation of grant proposals and academic evaluative reports.
  • Create a culture of teaching excellence at ARCOM through involvement in the delivery and assessment of Pre-Clinical Curriculum
  • Advance the perceived value of and output of research and scholarly activity among the faculty and students of ARCOM through leadership, mentorship and participation.
  • Demonstrate the highest standard of professionalism and ethical behavior in all aspects of personal and professional actions and performance.
  • Demonstrate and role model an ongoing ability to work cooperatively with colleagues, supervisors and support staff.
  • Provide service to the college community and students through serving on ARCOM and department committees, providing leadership, mentorship and expertise to students, participating in community outreach events, international medical events and with professional organizations or groups as assigned by the Dean.
  • Demonstrate adaptability and the willingness to assist the college in fulfilling its mission and vision through teaching, academic administrative duties, and community service and/or perform special duties as assigned.
  • Provide clinical care within the community.
  • Advance the prestige of ARCOM through advancement of and avocation for its mission, values, and goals.
  • Advance the prestige of ARCOM through scholarly publication and research.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Associate Dean or his/her designee.



Education and Experience

Minimum Qualifications

  • Terminal Degree: DO, MD
  • Three to five years of GME practical and administrative experience, preferably in a university or an academic hospital/healthcare system with medical students, resident/fellows.
  • Prior academic education experience in the residency or medical school setting.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of ACGME standards and accreditation requirements, self-study visits, Clinical Learning Environment Review (CLER) visits, and support conversion and compliance of GME programs. Knowledge of and functional competency with computers, software, data systems and all other electronic devices and methods used to deliver educational programs and assess their outcomes.
  • Demonstrated leadership, productivity and administrative experience in a professional, research or educational setting.
  • Strong skills pertinent to teamwork, communication, staff management and supervision, analytic problem solving, and education advocacy.

Required knowledge, skills, and abilities

  • Demonstrate knowledge and skill to conduct needs assessments and gap analyses, apply principles of adult education to CME design, and develop educational outcomes measurement tools.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skill in the delivery of medical education in the classroom, laboratory, simulation and standardized laboratory settings and in clinical settings for faculty, students and residents.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of varied curriculum template and educational formats.
  • Demonstrate ability to mentor and motivate students and peers.
  • Demonstrate leadership skills, organizational skills, delegation skills, and time management skills.

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