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Arkansas Colleges of Health Education employs a full-time Director of Mental Wellness on campus for Wellness Advisement throughout your preclinical years. Wellness Advisement differs from psychotherapy in that no diagnoses or treatment plans are made. Wellness Advisement helps by strategically assisting students in developing self-awareness and implementing strategies to bolster their sense of well-being. The Director of Mental Wellness may serve as a contact and referral source for counseling services during the years three and four when students are on clinical rotation.

In addition, students enrolled at ACHE have access to confidential mental health services including 24-hour psychiatric services through New Directions Student Assistance Program and locally contracted psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners for medication management and therapy services. These services are available to all students throughout their tenure at ACHE. Information is maintained and posted in the OSA, in the office of the Director of Mental Wellness, on ACHE’s website, and in strategic locations throughout the campus.

Western Arkansas Counseling and Guidance Center, Inc. (WACGC)

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***Additional locations available throughout service area during clinical rotations.***

New Directions Behavioral Health, LLC. Student Assistance Program

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Center for Psychiatric Wellness